by Santiago Adkins

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released May 28, 2013

written, recorded, vocals performed and produced, and mixed by santiago adkins at madrid studio san diego, jan-may 2013.



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Santiago Adkins San Diego, California

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Track Name: YO VOGUE (prod. FRENCH FRIES)
I'm out on the town and I have such a fever.
All these people in and out; I fucking love the tension in here.
Fantasies are rushing over.
I need a lover.
Can't imagine nothing better than to see a grown man quiver.

I see this guy, and I wanna know, can he?
Goddamn mama this man is banji!
He's gotta few fans and he's such a queen,
but I think I'll take my chances and see.
Oh my god, he's staring at me!
I wanna feel his breath on me.
But I wanna know, can he handle me?
There's only one way we will see...

Bounce it, bitch, and keep it going.
Don't expect a flood warning.
I will teach you how to keep it moist inside and dry without.
And if you think that you're in doubt, remember what we talked about.
Now close your eyes, get on your knees, and open up your fucking mouth.

What're you into, huh?
You like a bit of roughness too, huh?
Now I'll braid your hair, bitch.
And we'll play truth or dare, bitch.

What's your past like?
Where did you grow up?
What scares you?
What do you do, boo?

Oh really? Oh I've always thought that was very respectable.
Oh, you say you're flexible? Can I see?
Oh, you're so delectable.

Taste you.
Feel you.
Touch you.
Fuck you.
Track Name: WORK IT (prod. DJ FLAWLESS)
I get more play than a board game.
I'm not famous but I've got the fame; that notoriety.
Everybody knows me.
They don't really care, but soon they will see.

I'm a fucking star, but I don't mean Jeffree.
Got a name on my street, baby.
I told you once and I'll tell you again,
you'll like what you see so come and fuck with me.

I ain't got a dollar or a coin to spend,
but I got more style than your wack-ass rich friends.
They steady hatin', talking shit about me;
but I'm the best that they've ever seen.

When they pick they jaws up off the floor let me know;
I'll come sing them a sweet little tune.
Just don't promise them that when I spit their faces won't melt;
yeah, it will be their doom.

Always fucking up the scene 'cause I make a fucking scene.
All these hoes staring at me, all they wanna do is scream.
I don't give a fucking shit, I just fucking shake my tits.
You can fuckin' lick my clit.
Dude, I fuck with hella shit.

All you fuckin' do is sleep.
You ain't never even gonna peak.
You never even gonna fly.
You just gonna fuckin' die.

Yeah, you gonna waste away.
None of them care what you say.
Track Name: JEALOUS KIDS (prod. NORRIT)
Yo, I got a couple mixtapes in my back pocket.
I ain't gotta sell shit to keep a fat wallet.
Ain't sold shit yet, but that's irrelevant.
'Cause I ain't gonna sell out, I'm independent.
People already biting my rhymes 'cause I got the slickest, sickest flow on the East Side.
When I pull through on the bus or on the trolley, I prove to them that I got the biggest ride.

Yeah, hun, I got a few.
But they're overshadowed by the mass amount of shit I do.
Ain't nobody doubt me anymore 'cause I'm cute shit.
And I'm on top, yeah, I'm running.
Take your seat, bitch.

I could rock a suit and I could rock a dress.
And I'd look better than you 'cause I got a bomb chest.
I ain't gotta answer for my sins to your peasant ass.
I ain't gotta prove myself; I'm so literal it's mad.

Finna rock a rhyme and I'm finna pop a bottle.
Finna keep my light lime 'cause I'm gonna stay hot, yo.

My shit goes harder than yours., and everybody on the block know you're down on all fours.
Track Name: QUE FEA (prod. DJ SLIINK)
Keep looking, bitch you gonna get fucked up!
I ain't got time to waste, slow your fucking ass up.
I'm a damn cunt, or ain't your ass heard?
I'm a fucking carnivore killer, you're a pussy herd!

I don't even know why I'm still here talking to you.
Everybody knows that I'm better, more important than you.
I don't really need to say shit, I just sock it to you.
Fuck your ass, I'mma hand your fucking pussy to you!

She's so stupid and she look like a hoe.
She's so ugly, and she just like a hoe.

Listen, I'm a singer, fag, a model, and an actress.
Don't even try it, bitch, you are just so classless.
Add a scotch of rapper for fun, I fuck with hella shit.
You ain't even wrote a fuckin' verse, you just irrelevant.

What was it you said you was again?
A fucking "dope bitch"?
That shit make me laugh like Kathy Griffin and Miss Cho did.
Have you been keeping you head up in the fuckin' clouds again?
Sounds like you need decompressing, bitch go take some medicine.

You're a fucking bad bitch.
You're badder than the baddest of dogs.
You're like a bad dog.
Smack you on the nose again.
You a fucking bad bitch.
You're just like the baddest of dogs.
You're like a bad dog.
Smack your nose with the paper.

You a bitch and you ain't really even a dog.
You a hoe, but your hymen is still stuck like a log.
You just so tragic because you won't let yourself see that even even with all you got you still ain't better than me!
Track Name: DAS WUTS UP (prod. BAAUER)
That's what's up.
I'mma tell you straight up.
'Cause you know I keep it tighter than your clique game, yup.
Yeah, bitch, I'm stunting on you.
Cleck cleck bang;
but no time for time, so no violence on you.

You're on your swag shit.
Aw man that's cool beans!
Nice fucking bars, bro.
...I'm spitting hella reams

Heaters suck, man.
Yeah, and you could sit and pout.
But without them
what the fuck would you rap about?

I'm in love, man.
No I'm not!
But you can tell that I got these men dropping like the hunt.
And you can bet your bottom dollar they're gonna kneel to me 'cause I got that kind of shit that makes them weak in their knees.

Yeah I'm a friend of Dorothy's.
Aw, she's my main bitch.
Just 'cause you saw me looking, it don't mean I want your dick in.
Yeah dude I'm just friends with your wife
but, uh, you should probably trip 'cause I'm fucking up your whole life!

Fuck your life bitch.
You don't even know mine.
And you ain't even fucking seen shit yes.
Watch me be brilliant!

Bitch is simple
and she don't even know it.
All she wanna do is toke it.
She ain't even 'bout that life.

Bitch is simple.
Yeah she on that Papi cock.
Only got her bod to hock,
and she always the first to mock.

Bitch is simple.
All up in that hatorade.
You should sip some Gatorade,
'cause you looking hella thirsty.

That's what's up, hoe.
Track Name: BOX (prod. DJ SLIINK)
I wanna be your alabaster lover.
I wanna be your intimate friend.
I can be your legitimate partner.
Yeah, I can be your vanilla man.

Fucking up 'cause they like to get punished.
Pushed around, to the ground.
Yeah, baby, I'm on it.
Want me to whip them, keep the lime light dim.
Or they wanna be on bottom; it's submission for him.

I got bitches for days, weeks; as much as I want.
They tell me they need me to touch them, to diddle their spot.
Just hop on and ride, slut.
Diddle your spot.
Just hop on and ride it, hoe.
I got the biggest box.

Ain't no need for a g-spot.
You won't even see after you get the shit that I got.
Walking kinda funny and your speech be slurred days after.'ll have a fucking yearning.
Shake your labia, let me penetrate you.
Jiggle your labia on that webcam.
Don't even gotta pay for you.
Girl, girl... yeah.

Shake your labia.
Shake it, shake it.
Shake your labia.
Shake it, shake it.

Girl, let's fornicate in a gazebo.
"Oh, boy, impale my hole of life!"
Shake your labia.
Your yeast infection be like dough let me bake you an orgasm.

Shake your labia.
Shake it, shake it.
Shake your labia.
Shake it.

Shake your labia, let them flaps fly free.
What else can you do?
Girl, I wanna see.
How wet do you get?
Can you make it slosh?
Shake your labia, like a pussy car wash!

Shake your labia.
Shake it, shake it.
Shake your labia.
Shake it, shake it.

Shake your labia, girl, smack me in the face.
Show me your wizard's arm, let me get a taste.
Shake your labia.
Shake it, shake it.
Shake your labia... yeah.
Track Name: ZOL (OUTRO)
Your kiddies got me on them iPods.
They don't even need to buy 'cause my shit be free with donation.
Where's you shit?
Oh yeah that's right, bitch.
You ain't got nothing to say because I just blew you away.
'Cause you ain't got nada to play.
So you best believe when I say...
...I am so much better than you.
I don't need a fucking boyfriend, I don't feel like I'm alone.
I don't need a fucking boyfriend, don't like talking on the phone.
I don't need a fucking boyfriend, no one to share pizza with.
I don't need a fucking boyfriend, I don't want to co-exist.

Sex is just a stupid game and I can play all by myself.
Don't really want his stupid face getting dusty on the shelf.
I don't need more opinions to impress upon myself.
And if you want a movie romance, dude go get it somewhere else!